Simple. Affordable Fare for Everyone.

Our plans and services rates are competitive in the industry, while you have the opportunity to earn and get rebates for each caring and unselfish acts in participating the community events and drives to achieve equitable fare.

Payment gateway


/ Trans

Pay or receive fare, bills, online shopping or cash in-out from other eWallet or banks.

fare nano loan


/ Week

Top up your Pasahe wallet via participating fare funders and mint 1 DyipCoin.

Route api integration


/ api call

Transport route api platform for data-driven fare payment experience.


A caring commuter, operator and regulator community to help you reach your destination.

As part of DyipPay Revolution Corporation (CSR) Customer Social Responsibility we built a new organization for public commuters called Pamasahe Society Inc. acronym for Pampublikong Mananakay Sabik Sa Hayahay at Epektibong Transportasyon in Tagalog – English: Public Commuters yearning Desire for Effective, Equitable and Seamless Urban Smart Mobility Fare Solution.

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Payment Gateway
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Ride Now Pay Later
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Route API calls