Make the most of your public commuting.

Public commuting can be stressful, waste of time, and chaotic. Make it count! verified your trip, earn DyipCoin crypto and so doing your assisting the government regulators craft proposal to solve urban mobility problems and challenges in your respective areas.

Why choose us

We are innovating global fare collection and management radically and sensibly to achieve equitable and accessible public trips to all stakeholders via intermodal routes and public utility vehicles

Stress Free Navigation

Know what public routes, transport provider available and approved fare matrix at your current location or city.

One payment for all

Whether you ride jeepney, bus, transit, tricycle, taxi, train or ferry you only use one wallet to pay them all.

Tracking & progress

You can monitor your public trip to better understand your seamless iterinary and assist regulators.

Fun & competitive

Trip gamification, community participation, and act of caring to earn your next valuable transport "DyipCoin"


Cashless fare payment doesn't have to be complicated, it must come naturally as part of our everyday activities in life.


Embracing everyone: bank ewallet, old fare card and cash are all accepted for seamless experience.

Predictability monitoring

Track your trip, ride and iterinary with our app.

Urban people are facing challenges tracking and monitoring their commuting everyday to get their rides on time at less expensive manner possible

Smart Notification

Never miss your trip routine and ride.

Synchronization or sharing transaction data. Insight to traffic conditions, connecting routes and drop point informations is one the core services.

Fun, Varied and gamify commuting

Never get bored on the way to reach your destination.

Stuck in the traffic now can be productive, by opening Pasahe app to play and mint your next valuable DyipCoin and help the community to achieve the equitable and decentralized public fare finances while helping government regulators.

Based on 5 reviews
"I'm a commuter and I was riding in a mini bus and saw your QR stickers inside the public utility vehicle. I'm commuting everyday from Taguig to Manila and sometimes Makati in short busy bee hehe. Wowwwww! I'm super impressed, very wow indeed whoever thought about this innovative but practical fare payment solution for my everyday trip. Love it."
"One of the unique aspect of DyipPay is its focus on modernizing and improving existing public transport fare collection... aims to transform the jeepney experience by providing a safer, faster, more convenient mode of fare payment... leveraging the latest technology and data analysis for route rationalization." - excerpt from Convergence Series, Empowering LGUs for improved Local Public Transportation dated May 15, 2023 activity report.
"Thank you DyipPay app, very big help for us jeepney drivers as fare collection tool and to our commuters as a way to pay their daily fare, no more hand exchange of coins and bills. Systematic, safe and convenient. Nice innovation idea as tool for public transport workers like me. Again thank you very much and God bless DyipPay!"
"We are happy to learn of such mobile apps that can potentially alter and improve the way public transportation is being operated as of the present. As you know our office is spearheading the government's Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program and we are constantly on the look out for new technological innovations that will further enhance the operations of the road-based mass transportation nationwide."
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